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Ginny Roop
Dorothy Heindsmann
Lloyd Alton

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Dezwin Cockers, Joanne Dzenkowski

Gemstonz , Lesley Russell-Doney

Ging's Bill Gorodner

Jigsaw Cockers, Melvin and Christal Stanbrough

Kaplar Cockers , Laura Henson

KJW Cockers , Kim Weber

Landmark Cockers , Jim and Beth Slagle

Pandora, Dorothy Heindsmann

Piedmont , John and Bobbie Moore

Pineshadows, Cindy Mueller  ( In Memoriam )

Roops Cockers, Ginny Roop

Sylvan Acres, Gwen Hales

Tallymark , Luann Chandler

Wards, Neville Ward

Windwhisper, M. Christine Miller

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