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Dezwin Cockers, Joanne Dzenkowski

Gemstonz, Lesley Russell-Doney

Ging's  Lloyd Alton and Bill Gorodner

JusWright Cockers, Linda Wright

Jigsaw Cockers, Melvin and Christal Stanbrough

Kaplar Cockers, Laura Henson

KJW Cockers, Kim Weber

Landmark Cockers, Jim and Beth Slagle

OnTheRidge, Noreen Dunlap

Pandora, Dorothy Heindsmann

Pineshadows, Cindy Mueller  (In Memoriam)

Roops Cockers, Ginny Roop

Sylvan Acres, Gwen Hales

Tallymark, Luann Chandler

Wards, Neville Ward

Westhaven, Diane Kepley

Windwhisper, M. Christine Miller

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