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Club History

Dr. Davis, on the right, armband number 138 showing Ch Boban's Victoria at the American Spaniel Club's 25th Speciality, January 5, 1942, at the Roosevelt Hotel, New York City

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Courtesy of the American Spaniel Club Photo Archives
The organizational meeting of the Capital City Cocker Club was held on April 16, 1939 at the home of Dr. Charles Davis, who served as our first President from 1939 to 1943.  The club was organized to protect and further the interest of the Cocker Spaniel and the name “Capital City Cocker Club” was selected as being most appropriate. The Club held its first Specialty Match at the Silver Spring Armory in September 1939 with 135 entries.  In August 1940, the meetings were moved to the Hearing Room of the Montgomery County, Maryland County Building and the Club's Certificate of Incorporation was issued in the District of Columbia on August 30, 1940.  It was signed by members Harry Lustine (Treasurer), Philip Rosenfeld (Secretary) and Dr. Chas. R. Davis (President).  Since then, numerous moves in the meeting place have been made to accommodate the changing membership with most meetings being conducted in members' homes.

Member Information

Known Founding Members from 1939:  Harry Lustine (Treasurer); Philip Rosenfeld (Secretary); and Chas. R. Davis (President), Boban Cockers.

The 2005 Club Roster consists of 48 members with interests in Conformation, Companion, and
Performance activities. Over half of our members are also members of ASC and 12 of those are Life Members.

Member Activity
Currently (June 2005), Ch. Pandora Picturesque is #1 Cocker Spaniel in the country and the #6 Sporting Dog with 9 BIS's to her credit.

Five of the current (June 2005) top 50 agility cockers are either owned or bred by CCCC members: MACH Dezwin's All Star CDX MX MXJ, Dezwin's Fast Ball CDX MX MXJ, and Begays Triple Ripple AX MXJ owned and bred by Joanne Dzenkowski, Westhavens Showing The Way MX MXJ bred by Diane Kepley, and Ging's Charisma MX MXJ owned by Jim and Beth Slagle, bred by Lloyd Alton and Bill Gorodner.

Edie Coleman Allyn was the first member to achieve the Master Agility Championship (MACH) title on her "Spirit" - MACH Madison's Redchief Forever CD SH MX MXJ in October 2002. Joanne Dzenkowski achieved the second club MACH with MACH Dezwin's All Star CDX in June 2005.
Ms. Allyn has also made noteworthy accomplishments in the field.  “Spirit” (MACH Madison's Redchief Forever CD SH MX MXJ) earned her Junior Hunter title in 1996, WDX (Working Dog Excellent) in 1997, and Senior Hunter title in 1997.  “Chief” - U-AgI Emenee Ransom of Redchief CDX, SH, NA, WDX, C/CD earned his CD and WD (Working Dog) in 1988, Canadian CD in 1989, Junior Hunter in 1989, Working Dog Excellent 1990, CDX in 1991, and Senior Hunter title in 1994.  “Keys” - U-ACHX Pandora Keystone MX, AXJ, CD, TD earned his WD in 1994.

Two of our members' dogs have attained the AKC VCD2 (Versatile Companion Dog Level 2). "Lacey",
U-ACHX U-CDX EZ Back To Skool Saddle Shoe VCD2 CDX MX MXJ TD and "Slider" U-ACHX Ch. Ging's Diamond Dust VCD2 CDX MX MXJ TD.  "Lacey," owned by Nancy Bean, was the only Cocker Spaniel entered in all three venues of tracking, obedience and agility at the 2002 AKC Companion Events Tournament held in Perry, Ga.  “Slider”, owned by Lloyd Alton and Bill Gorodner, received the Versatility Award from ASC.
Cindy Mueller wrote the "Cinderella's Corner" monthly column that appeared in the Cocker Spaniel Leader from January 1989 to March 2003.  Bill Gorodner's “Butternut Wisdom” column began in 1985 and continues to appear in the Leader today.  Lloyd Alton and Bill Gorodner co-wrote the book The World of the Cocker Spaniel.

Members of CCCC through the years include;
Hannah Adams (Coronet)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Albers (Pounette)
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Anderson
Edie Coleman Allyn (Emenee)
Lloyd Alton & Bill Gorodner (Gings)
Cynthia (Fowler) and Max Anderson (My Cyn)
Noemi Arthur
Cathy Ashley (Ashleys)
Melvin & Rannie Barb (Barbs)
Barbara G. Barham (Grizzard)
Rear Adm. & Mrs. Bradford Bartlett (Bradleah)
Nancy Bean
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Benhoff, Jr. (Artru)
Mr. and Mrs Richard Bixler
Mr. and Mrs. Al Blair (Kabal)
Mr. and Mrs A. E. Blanco
Mr. and Mrs Bill Calvert
Ruth Case (Bangaway)
Luann Chandler (Tallymark)
Evelyn Church (Holly Hill)
Mr. and Mrs Ray Crawley
Gina Darling
Annette Davies (Feinlyne)
Susan DeJulius (DJ's)
Nancy Davidian
Noreen Dunlap (On The Ridge)
Joanne Dzenkowski (Dezwin)
A.J. and Rose Everett (Beaverbrook)
Virginia Farrelly (Keepsake)
The Jerome Finnegans (Merriglad)
Jennevieve France (Valleydale)
Mr. and Mrs Frank (Bene')
Melissa Frye (Skyrocket)
Dorothy Grover Westwood
Gwen Hales (Sylvan Acres)
Marion Heid
Alma Heindsmann (Pandora)
Dorothy Heindsmann (Pandora)
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Henson (Kaplar)
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hitchcock (Cavalier)
Paul & Anita Hipsley (Breezehill)
Gail and Owen Hockman (Gail's)
Bert & Betty Homan (Palmwood)
Chris Hruska
Elmer Hruska
Louis and Linda Johnson (Charlou)
Ronald and Joan Kasper (Vista)
Diane Kepley (Westhaven)
Mary Jean Kilby
Karl & Edwina Kozee (Kozees)
Tom Lane
Mr. and Mrs William J. Langford
Muriel Laubach
Mary Lauermann
Janet Little (Misiwind)
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lodge
David Lowe (Ca-Da)
Felicia Mazur
Laura McCarty
Edward A. McCauley (Birchwood)
M. Christine Miller (Windwhisper)
Carol Ann Mills (Mi-Way)
Toni Mills (Mi-Way)
Janet W. (Cindy) Mueller (Pineshadows)
Dot Mustard (Must Do)
Chuck & Doris Olson (Chador i)
Gene O'Neill
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Palmer (Just Plain)
Stephanie Pickerill
Ruth Pusey (Chip-A-Ru)
Becky Rapaport (Showcase)
Margaret Raymond (Valdemar)
Jim Reid (Reid's)
Anita Roberts (Memoirs)
Pam Roberts
Jean Robertson (Harness Creek)
Virginia Roop (Roops)
Leslie Russell-Doney (Gemstonz)
Jean Sherrick
Jim & Beth Slagle (Landmark)
Dr. Clarence & Mrs. Jeanne Smith (Heyday)
Christal & Melvin Stanbrough (Jigsaw)
Barbara and Bob Swing (Swing's)
Glenn & Catherine Vanderspiegel
Dorothy Vandeveer (Vandor)
Jack & Norma Ward (Wards)
Neville Worthington Ward (Wards)
Kim Weber (KJW)
Liz Wiehle (with Dorothy Grover) (Bucklodge)
Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Wise (St. Andrea)
Linda Wright (JusWright)
Sharon Wright (EZ)

Illustrious Members

Janet W. ("Cindy") Mueller - Pineshadows
Cindy was a powerhouse of activity and devoted a considerable amount of her energies and enormous talents to Cocker Spaniels and their people.  Her column entitled "Cinderella's Corner", which appeared in The Cocker Spaniel Leader magazine, made her a mentor to many, many "Cockerites" all over the world. She encouraged, she taught and she gave helpful husbandry hints that saved many a Cocker puppy and made many a breeder's life easier and more successful.
As a breeder, Cindy really excelled. Tutored by the late Bill Ernst, whom she assisted at the shows for years, she became addicted to brown Cocker Spaniels.  Breed type was always her foremost consideration and she developed a recognizable line known for proper fronts and rears, exceptional rib spring and gorgeous heads. It's ironic that brown and brown & tans and brown particolors were her particular passion because her two most influential dogs were well marked black & tans. Her son of Ch. Rinkydink's Sir Lancelot known as an outstanding brown producer was Ch. Pineshadows Persuader.  The type marks coming from Sir Lancelot combined with Cindy's brown family ended up in the pedigrees of many prominent browns.  Ch. Pineshadows Brass Tax by the top winning Ch. Frandee's Top Brass became a not so secret ingredient in most brown pedigrees today. Whenever you look at a sound, typey brown, somewhere in the ancestry are usually Cindy's favorite two black & tan dogs. She is greatly missed by the entire Cocker fancy and most particularly by her fellow Capital City Cocker Club members.
Lloyd Alton & Bill Gorodner - Gings
The owners of Gings' passion for Cockers started before the partnership but the contributing dogs happened from the '60s on as a combined venture.  Their primary early dogs were particolors based on line breeding on three dogs: Ch. BeGay's Tan Man, Ch. Dreamridge Dominoe and Ch. Frandee's Declaration.  The Tan Man son, Ch. Trojan Tagalong, was purchased from Gay and Bill Ernst and is back of an astounding number of outstanding particolors considering that he was not used much. His great-grandson Ch. Ging's Alydar became a very prepotent sire and his many get did extraordinarily well particularly at the ASC shows.  His son and daughter (Ch. Tagalong's Macho Man and Ch. Tagalong's Winter Frost) were both variety winners and the Macho Man son, Ch. Tagalong's Shadyhill Storm, went BIS from the Veterans class at ASC in 1996.  Coming down from these dogs and from the Alydar son, Ch. Glenmurray's Declaration, are many of today's winning particolors.
In browns and buffs, the Ging's dogs continue to both win and produce well and one of the great prides of Ging's is that all three varieties have had at least class wins at ASC.
Both Lloyd and Bill are Life Members of ASC.  Lloyd has been the chief announcer at the ASC winter Nationals and many summer nationals since 1977. He was also a former board member.  Bill served on the Standards Committee and was the assistant editor of the ASC Centennial Books. Both Lloyd and Bill are members of the Archival Committee.

Three of our members have been inducted into the ASC Hall of Fame, Ruth Benhoff, 1995; Annette Davies , 2003; and Laura Henson , 2004.

Newsletter and Web Site

In October 1940, it was decided to publish a monthly news sheet of the club's activities and the "Cocker Chatter" that members receive today was born. In the intervening years, the Chatter has had its ups and downs with the loss of editors and difficulties through the wars. The Chatter had good years, too.  In January 1948, it was awarded the blue and gold ribbon of the month by the Kennel Gazette for the best dog publication, and in March of the same year the "Cocker Spaniel Visitor" gave it an "Orchid for being the most interesting of all cocker publications to cross our desk." Although it went unpublished for a number of years, the “Cocker Chatter” was resurrected in 1997 and has been on track ever since.

The CCCC web site was launched in 1999, and in October 2002 was greatly expanded and moved to its own location at .  The site contains information both specific to the club and its functions and is intended to be a resource of information of general interest about the Breed.
Capital City's Association with the American Spaniel Club

In December 1940, CCCC became an affiliate member of the American Spaniel Club.  In February 1966, the Club was recognized in the American Spaniel Club's Annual Report for its 25 years of membership and the Club has continued its membership through today.  The majority of Club members are members of ASC and 12 of our members hold Life Memberships in the ASC.

Many CCCC members have contributed their time in support of the ASC.  Annette Davies served as the ASC Delegate to AKC for years and at various times Trophy Chair, Advertising Chair, Ring Steward, Fundraising Chair, and Judges Hospitality. Toni Mills chaired the ASC winter show.   Dorothy Heindsmann has served as the Trophy Chair.  Laura Henson has served as Zone I alternate, as Assistant Show Chair and presently serves as Tack Room Chair.  Dot Mustard served as ASC Breeder Referral Chairman and is the current ASC Secretary.  Diane Kepley currently handles Breeder referral requests generated from both the ASC and AKC web sites.  Lloyd Alton is the ASC January Flushing Show Announcer, has served on the ASC Board and serves on the ASC Archival Committee.  Bill Gorodner has served on the Standards Committee, was the assistant editor of the ASC Centennial Book, and currently serves on the Archival Committee.  Neville Ward serves as Foreign Liaison. Luann Chandler serves as Breedcare Liason.

ASC Summer National Agility Trials
CCCC is proud to have donated new title rosettes to the 2005 Summer National for all four days of agility. The club members heartily approved the donation for these well-earned awards from proceeds from the annual AKC all-breed agility trials that CCCC now hosts.

Members in The ASC Hall of Fame
Three of the 23 ASC members inducted into its Hall of Fame are also members of Capital City Cocker Club.

Ruth Benhoff - In 1995 Ruth Benhoff was inducted into the ASC Hall of Fame for Contribution to the Breed.
Annette Davies - In 2003 Annette Davies was inducted into the ASC Hall of Fame for Service to the Organization
Laura Henson - In January 2004 Laura M. Henson was inducted into the ASC Hall of Fame for her contributions to the breed.

CCCC member winners of Memorial Trophies at the ASC Flushing Show

The Red Brucie Perpetual Trophy :
Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Wise, 1954; Toni Mills, 1978; Cathy Ashley, 1979; Laura & Harold Henson, 1988.
Ch. Hickory Hill High Barbaree Challenge Trophy :
Mrs. Arthur H. Benhoff, Jr. 1970 & 1983; Laura and Harold Henson, 1988.
Dr. Murial Kellerhouse Perpetual Memorial Trophy :
Bill Gorodner & Lloyd Alton, 2001.
The George Greer Memorial Trophy :
Mrs. Arthur H. Benhoff, Jr. 1958 & 1959.
The Hildreth K. Bloodgood Perpetual Memorial Trophy :
Mrs. Arthur H. Benhoff, Jr. 1958 & 1959.
The Townsend Scudder Memorial Trophy :
Annette & Al Davies, 1978 & 1988.

Specialty Shows

The first Club Specialty Match was held one evening in September 1939 at the Silver Spring, MD Armory.  Leo Murphy was asked to judge and he arrived expecting a field of 25 or so Cockers.  But there were 135 entries and Leo worked from 8:30 p.m. until after 3:00 a.m. to complete the task.

In April 1941, CCCC sponsored its first Specialty Show in conjunction with the Old Dominion Kennel Club Show. Best of Breed at this first show was CH Blackstone Brucie.  Other Best In Show winners from the early years were; Ch Gilfran's Lady Bechwith, Meridick Magistrate, Ch Penrock's Prize Package, Penrock's Presentation, Ch Lancaster Great Day, Ch Highomar Hallelujah, Ch Honey Creek Trice Over, Ch Maddie's Vagabond's Return, Ch Sugarbrook Counterpoint, Ch Car-Mor's Rise and Shine.  Judges from the early years include Mrs. Litchfield, Mrs. F.L. Page, The Hon. Townsend Scudder, Mr. Clyde Heck, Mr.L.K. Schmidt, Mr. Tom Godfrey, Mrs. H. Terrell Van Ingen, Mr. Edward Mc Quown, Mr. W.E. Wunderlich , Mr. Clint Callahan, and Mr. Joseph Crabbe.
During the early years, meetings and matches were often postponed due to the wartime restrictions. Specialties were held in 1942, 1944, and 1945 in conjunction with the National Capital Kennel Club.  It was not until 1946 that plans were made to hold the club's first independent Specialty Show, and the CCCC Specialty has been an annual event ever since.  To celebrate the 60th Specialty Show, CCCC sponsored a wine and cheese party following the Show on Friday, May 18th, 2001.
Obedience Trials
In April 1999, the Club held its first AKC licensed Obedience Trial in conjunction with the 58th Specialty Show.  The Obedience Trial is an annual event, now held each year in May in conjunction with the annual Specialty Show.  The obedience trials have hosted many great working Cockers, including dogs who have gone on to achieve High In Trial honors at all-breed obedience trials.  Also, it has been an honor to host many Veteran Obedience Cockers, including some up to 16 years of age.
Agility Trials
In November 2002, the Club held its AKC Sanctioned “A” Agility Match, and in November 2003, the first weekend of AKC Licensed All-Breed Agility Trials.  The Capital City Cocker Club holds the distinction of being the first Cocker Spaniel Specialty Club to do so.  This is now an annual event held in November.  The agility trials have been well-attended events, usually filling to maximum.  High Scoring Cocker awards are offered, and the trials have hosted qualifying runs for a number of exhibitors completing their Master Agility Championships (MACH).

Annual Eye Clinic
The Capital City Cocker Club has sponsored an annual Eye Clinic since 1967.  In October of that year, CCCC sponsored its first Eye Clinic with Dr. Seth Koch.  In recent years, the Eye Clinic has been held annually, in either December or January with Dr. Lionel Rubin, V.M.D. Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists. Screening examinations are offered for all breeds at these clinics.

Thanks to the former and current members of CCCC, The American Spaniel Club and Wilma Parker, ASC Archivist, for the information used to document our club's history.

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