Finding Your Cocker

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Finding Your Cocker

urchasing a pet must never be a "spur of the minute" decision. The responsibilities of dog ownership must be considered and understood.

Owning a dog, or a dog owning you, is a long term commitment.  Cockers may live for 12 to 14 years and any dog will require time, patience, and attention.

Is a Cocker the Dog for Me?
The Cocker Spaniel is a member of the sporting group and was bred to be a hunter.  The generations of companionship with their masters has resulted in a very intelligent, bright, sensitive, and loyal breed.  A well bred Cocker will have a merry disposition and adapts readily to the role of family companion.  Cockers have a long, luxuriant coat that requires frequent grooming.

The best way to locate your cocker is to contact the individuals dedicated to breeding for the betterment of the cocker.  The American Spaniel Club Breeder's referral page is a source of information.

For additional information about breeding and health visit the American Spaniel Club's " Guidelines for Breeding and Purchasing Cocker Spaniels . "

Other sources are Rescue groups and your local shelter.

Visit our recommended reading section or your local library.

Is One Dog Enough?

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