In An Emergency

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In An Emergency
You should prepare both yourself and your pets in case of medical or other emergencies that would require medical attention or the evacuation of your home by gathering emergency information and supplies BEFORE you need them.

In case of a medical emergency involving one of your pets you should have a folder with complete medical records for each of your pets along with a list consisting of the addresses and phone numbers of your regular veterinarian, other veterinarians in the area, and all emergency clinics in your area.

You should have a kit of emergency supplies for both yourself and your pets in case you have to leave your home. Friends of Pets in Anchorage, Alaska has developed an inventory of items for your pets for use in an evacuation.

One of the more common pet medical emergencies is accidental poisoning.  Visit and review the American Veterinary Medical Association's Poison Guide for Pet Owner's BEFORE you have a problem.

Family Disaster Plan and Disaster Supplies Kit developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the American Red Cross.

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